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During my A levels (last year of high school) when I was studying Further Maths, my teacher introduced us to the ceoncept of fractals. I was mesmerized that such a simple formula could render something so beautiful yet complex. When I got home that day I tried my hand at Nintendo DS homebrew and after a couple of weeks I had managed to achieve rendering the Mandelbrot Set. I brought my Nintendo DS to school and showed the whole class!


Fractal: “A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.”

Fractal Junkie screenshot 1 Fractal Junkie screenshot 2 Fractal Junkie screenshot 3

These beautiful geometric wonders can now be carried around in your pocket! This application allows for Mandelbrot and Julia Fractal exploration on the Nintendo DS platform. Utilizing the features of the DS, on the bottom users draw a region on the screen with the stylus to zoom further into the labyrinth, while the top is used for displaying key information and options.