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A creative engineer who is passionate to explore his imagination, discover new ideas and turn them into a reality using the wonders of computer science.

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Personal Projects

Fractal Junkie 2008/04

Mandelbrot and Julie set explorer for the Nintendo DS

Advanced Scientific Calculator 2009/02

Highly advanced calculator capable of solving equations and approximating integrals

Peach Has Got It! 2012/06

Awarded 1st place in the 2012 Rising Star game programming competition

Pineapple Game Engine 2012/06

2D game engine utilizing modern C++ to provide an intuitive API and a decoupled plugin system

Ninja Cat 2014/07

Fun endless ninja runner game for mobile iOS and Android

Obfuscate 2017/11

Guaranteed compile-time string literal obfuscation header-only library for C++14

Unformat 2017/12

Parsing and extraction of original data from brace style "{}" formatted strings. It basically unformats what you thought was formatted for good.