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Ninja cat started out as a simple endless runner game that I made to test the capabilities of the Pineapple Game Engine one weekend in 2013. At that time, the Pineapple Game Engine did not have great support for mobile platforms, and I ended up spending 90% of my time implementing Android and iOS platforms.

In Ninja Cat, the platforms are generated completely at random each time you play. The platforms positions are calculated based on the jumping or falling velocity of the player using the equations for projectile motion, also known as SUVAT.


Help Ninja Cat to become a master ninja as you embark on a magical quest to find the legendary lost ninja headbands! Experience an adorable arcade retro world like no other, as you collect each ninja headband! Run and jump in this fun hardcore endless runner, that will challenge even the toughest ninjas!

Ninja Cat screenshot 1

WARNING: This game is very challenging! Do you have the skills of a Ninja Cat? Ninja Cat is an addictively cute endless runner arcade game with engaging Achievements and competitive Leaderboards.

Ninja Cat is a beautifully hand-crafted and light-hearted runner following the adventures of cute cat who dreams of becoming a ninja! But don’t take it too lightly, this is not an easy game! Work your way through the ninja headbands all the way to the Legendary Black headband as you hone your cat ninja skills traversing the treacherous Japanese ocean.